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How Far Will You Go?

An SEO company is essentially charged with bringing your brand online and making it visible in organic search results. At The Digital Maze, we do that and so much more.

Our award-winning SEO team utilise a wide breadth of data across a variety of different tools to pull the digital curtain aside and show the big picture of how your target audience shops, what they are interested in and where they spend their time.

At the same time, we work with you to gain an understanding of your brand and what your top-level goals are. This helps us ascertain which of our SEO services will help you attain even your most dazzling goals.

We then transform this knowledge into SEO strategies with the ultimate aim of increasing revenue and profit for your brand.

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What Does an SEO Company Offer?

SEO companies all have their own ways of working, but when you join our search engine optimisation circle you can expect:

  • To be involved in how we approach marketing your website.
  • A dedicated account manager to oversee your SEO strategy.
  • A team of digital marketing experts on hand to assist with getting exceptional SEO results.
  • A recommended SEO package tailored to your short and long-term business goals.
  • An open and trustworthy approach at all times.
  • To benefit from the considerable tools we utilise to guide our SEO work.
  • Our knowledge will be your knowledge, peek behind the curtain of a full-service SEO agency at work.
  • That every SEO strategy we implement on your behalf will be focused on generating leads and profit.
  • A creative approach regardless of which of our SEO services you select.
  • Monthly reports outlining your website’s performance.

Unveiling The Digital Route To Success

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Ready to Uncover Your True Potential?

Start your journey with a chat with our client services team. Once they have an idea of what you’re hoping to achieve, they will leverage the knowledge and experience of our experts and pitch potential strategies that will unlock opportunities.

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How We Make The Ordinary, Extraordinary

We mix together creativity, logic, evidentiary data, teamwork and a lot of hard work to get the results we do. While every project we take on will be unique, here’s how we get to know you and your brand:


This is where you tell us all about your business. How you were founded, your journey so far, and where you want the brand to go next. We’ll ask all about your business goals, objectives and KPIs.

That will set our strategy cogs turning.

Research and Audits

Next, we have to conjure up data that unveils the search landscape in your industry. Our SEO experts will analyse their findings, keeping a keen eye out for any shimmering opportunities.

Strategy Planning

We will then recommend tailored approaches to help you realise your business goals, transforming your visions into reality. We pride ourselves on only selling services that we believe will have a positive impact on your bottom line.


This is where you get to see the magic take effect. We will delve into and roll out our strategic plans keeping you updated every step of the way. We’d love for you to be heavily involved at this stage too, but we are also more than capable of taking centre stage and leading the way if you prefer.

Flexibility Like You’ve Never Seen

A number of external factors can influence how an SEO campaign performs, and we’re ready to pivot at any time to ensure we continue to deliver a positive experience for our clients.

This ‘bigger picture approach’ means that when these external factors appear (think of Covid-19 and the more recent cost of living crisis) we already know your brand and the digital landscape you’re travelling to advise accordingly.

Rings The Digital Maze

How We Make Your Brand Sparkle Online

SEO Audits & Consultancy

This helps us see where the most organic traffic is landing on your website, which areas of your site generate leads more than others, understand your current search engine rankings and areas where you may be missing out on opportunities, review your current online visibility and general performance that is affecting online sales and more. We then explain what’s working and what’s not without any jargon.

SEO Audit Services

Search Term Research

Also known as keyword research, this not only helps us get your website to show up in the search results pages (SERPs), it helps us understand the language potential customers are using and the intent behind their searches. A successful SEO campaign doesn’t just use the terms with the highest search volume, we combine a variety of terms to improve on-page content, prove that you understand your target audience better than your competitors, and are providing information potential customers actually want.

Keyword Research Services

Link Acquistion

Increasing the number of relevant external links pointing to your eCommerce website increases your authority in Google’s eyes. It is also a great way to spread the word about your brand by targeting websites your potential customers spend time online. We’ve secured features for our SEO clients on Business Insider, Comedy Central, The New York Times, Mashable, HuffPost and more. It may feel like magic, but a lot goes on behind the scenes.

Link Acquisition Services


Copywriting is arguably the most important part of any SEO strategy. Fantastic communication is the key to sales success and our highly talented wordsmiths know how to get just the right balance between relationship building and conversion for eCommerce success. We combine knowledge of the product, the brand and the audience for fantastic results.

SEO Copywriting Services

Local SEO

Our local SEO services are a great option if you have brick-and-mortar stores or only sell in a particular area. We can focus our strategy on increasing website traffic in a particular location and encouraging them to invest in your products over your competitors. Our local SEO strategies focus on on-site optimisation, updating your Google Business profile, link building in your local area and more.

Local SEO Services

Digital PR

From new product launches to big company news or scheduled events, we can help spread the word through digital PR. If you can’t think of anything newsworthy to share, our creative content team can help.

Digital PR Services

A Taste of What We Do

Creative content can raise your profile and attract great quality backlinks. You need organic search expertise and exceptional design to create high-quality content. That’s why our SEO and design departments work as one. As a creative digital marketing agency, it’s at the heart of what we love to do.


Our clients have been featured in:


How do we develop your SEO strategies?


We learn about your business, platforms, products and services. You’ll tell us your goals and business objectives.

Research & Audits

What does the search landscape look like in your industry? How could your website perform better in search? Our expert SEO team will do the analysis and seek out the opportunities.


Agile Workflow

Need us to change direction? No problem. We’re agile enough to redirect your budget into the areas that matter to you to support your marketing strategy.

Monitoring & Feedback

What’s working and what isn’t? What changes are you making in your business that might provide new opportunities? We keep an open dialogue to make sure we’re always working in the right direction.

Strategic Planning

How can we make the most of the search opportunities we’ve found for you? What areas of SEO will offer your business the most benefit? Whether you need an international SEO strategy or just want to boost your eCommerce revenue, we can deliver.

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Website Changes & Launches

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new website without giving search engine marketing a second thought. But it’s much easier to make sure your new site is SEO-friendly before launch. We’ve supported our clients to safeguard their results. We also lay the foundations for future growth.

With search engine optimization and web development professionals in-house, we speak the right language and have the agility to make changes quickly. We can ease the disruption big website migrations can cause to your business and your bottom line.

Technical SEO

Some technical issues are straightforward to resolve. Others are more convoluted and complex. Resolving both can result in increased website performance. Our technical on-page SEO specialists mix science, experience and up-to-date industry knowledge to transform even the trickiest technical issues into more traffic, better website health and more leads and conversions for your brand.

Our Technical SEO Services

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is our particular strength as an SEO company. Our SEO team and web devs are proficient in optimising Shopify, Magento, and Woocomerce websites to increase the visibility of your products, ensure the user journey and images are optimised, that the best call to actions are in the right positions, your site is accessible and more.

Our eCommerce SEO Services

Retainer and Ad Hoc Services

Our SEO agency operates on a retainer so that we can continue generating positive results for your brand. As with most other marketing tactics and techniques, eCommerce SEO is never ‘finished.’ With how swiftly the digital landscape changes, and the number of competitors vying to overtake you, you have to continuously move forward with new strategies. We do offer ad hoc services for additional projects to be run alongside your retainer strategy and would be happy to discuss this in more detail.

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How much does SEO cost?

Effective SEO takes hard work and expertise that do need some investment. Whether you invest in SEO agencies or in house, it’s important to give SEO the attention it deserves.

The size of investment is entirely up to you, but that investment will be cost effective if used properly. Rest assured that we’re used to working smart to get the most out of your budget for long term results.

How long does SEO take to work?

Unlike paid search, SEO is a medium to long term strategy and not a quick fix.

To build a credible, authoritative web presence takes between 4 and 6 months to start seeing results.

Does SEO really matter?

Absolutely! Without an understanding of how search engines work and using that knowledge to your advantage, you could be missing out on valuable traffic and revenue. Our experienced team will tailor a plan that is unique to your website. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, we’ll deliver the best results for you.

SEO Knowledgebase

Revealing SEO Secrets


Search Engine Optimisation is complicated because it isn’t just about increasing organic traffic. It’s multiple specialisms in one. SEO has an arm in:

  • Web development and design,
  • Marketing,
  • Branding,
  • Content production and marketing,
  • PR,
  • Product life cycles,

And more. SEO doesn’t stand for ‘search engine optimisation’ as such anymore, the more accurate acronym would be ‘search experience optimisation.’

That’s why we’ve brought together SEO specialists with varied experiences, all of which will help give your SEO strategy the best shot of dazzling success.

For SEO to work, you really do need access to various people with different knowledge and background experiences. That’s why so many brands invest in a professional SEO agency.

Another reason SEO is challenging is that no one knows the full list of ranking factors Google uses or what weight these hold in how a website performs in the search engine results pages. Only Google and other search engines know that.

Finally, it is such a difficult area of marketing because of how often search engines change through algorithm updates. In 2021, there were 13 algorithm updates. Look back to 2003 and 2004 and there were only two and one updates respectively.

The best SEO agencies are able to plan ahead to future-proof the impact algorithm updates may have on your site, and profits, while having the flexibility to shift focus when these updates are rolled out.

Because of how far SEO reaches and the different disciplines it covers, a full list of skills would be considerably lengthy.

With that said, some of the skills that are required in every sub-area of SEO (whether that be on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO, eCommerce SEO, digital PR, link building, or conversion rate optimisation) include:

  • Critical thinking,
  • Communication,
  • Analytical thinking,
  • Data analysis,
  • Team working,
  • Solo working,
  • The ability to juggle multiple SEO strategies and tactics at once.

As we’ve shown earlier, SEO experts need to wear many, many hats. So much so that it is easily argued that one person couldn’t possibly know and be proficient in all of the SEO techniques needed to consistently deliver results that will take your brand from a support act to the main attraction.

That’s why our SEO team includes people with varying specialism, all working together to deliver results.

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