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What is an SEO audit?

Is your website achieving the best SEO performance it can? We offer a comprehensive SEO audit service that will review every aspect of your website that impacts your search engine rankings. Then we’ll build a report outlining any issues we find combined with recommendations to help you address them.

Your SEO performance is affected by a variety of factors across technical issues, content quality, authority signals and keyword usage. Our in-depth audit will delve into all these factors, while our expert SEO team will provide all the advice and support you need to fix every issue.

Don’t waste your time or effort on the areas you’re already excelling in. An SEO audit can help streamline your SEO strategy to make sure every effort has maximum impact.

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How do you carry out an SEO audit?

Our SEO audit services are designed to reveal exactly where your website’s SEO is underperforming and illuminate the steps you can take to improve. To make sure this happens, our SEO audits include:

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If you want to hear exactly how our SEO specialists can help you streamline your strategy and achieve the very best with your website’s search engine performance, we’re here to answer all your questions.

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What checks do we include in our SEO audits?

Keyword analysis

  • Keyword research to find target keywords, assessment of current rankings and opportunities

Technical SEO

  • Examination of response codes (404s, server timeouts, etc.).
  • Analysis of server and hosting performance.
  • Review of XML sitemaps and robots.txt files.
  • Assessment of website architecture and internal linking.

On-Page SEO:

  • Analysis of HTML elements (title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, etc.).
  • Evaluation of content quality and optimization for target keywords.
  • Assessment of image alt attributes.
  • URL structure and optimization.

Off-Page SEO:

  • Backlink analysis to evaluate the quality and quantity of inbound links.

Technical Performance:

  • Page speed analysis, including Core Web Vitals.
  • Mobile-friendliness and responsive design evaluation.

Content Evaluation:

  • Content audit to identify thin, duplicate, or low-quality content.

Competitor Analysis:

  • Evaluation of competitors’ SEO performance.

Data and Analytics:


Experience, Expertise, Authority & Trust
(E-E-A-T) factors

Local SEO (for businesses with a physical presence):

  • Google Business Profile audit.
  • Local citation audit

Structured Data Markup:

  • Assessment of schema markup for rich snippets and enhanced search results.

Site Security:

  • Verification of HTTPS implementation and SSL certificate.

Site Accessibility and Indexability:

  • Identification of crawl issues.
  • Analysis of URL parameters and canonicalisation.
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How Our SEO Services Make Your Brand Sparkle

Keyword Research

The foundation of a successful SEO strategy is finding the right keywords to rank for. We'll find the keywords that drive organic traffic to your website - relevant to your customers and search engines. Targeting long-tail keywords that balance search volume, ranking difficulty and interest to your target audience, we'll help you show search engines exactly why you should rank first.

Keyword Research Services

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO team will make sure your website is easy for search engine crawlers to navigate so they can find the information they need to award you higher rankings. We'll track down broken links, pages with slow load times and any other technical difficulties so that your business appears higher in the search engine results.

Technical SEO Services

SEO Copywriting

The words on your website are a vital part of your on-page SEO. Our talented SEO copywriters will make sure every page of your website is performing as part of your SEO strategy while building relationships with your customers,, encouraging conversions and supporting your overall eCommerce SEO.

Our SEO Copywriting Services

A Taste of What We Do

Creative content can raise your profile and attract great quality backlinks. You need organic search expertise and exceptional design to create high-quality content. That’s why our SEO and design departments work as one. As a creative digital marketing agency, it’s at the heart of what we love to do.


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What Issues Can Our SEO Audit Services Reveal?


When it comes to technical SEO issues, canonicalization is one of the most common – usually in relation to pagination or faceted navigation such as filter options. We’ll make sure the correct pages are canonicalised so that search engines crawl your website correctly.

Broken Links

Broken links, redirects and blocked resources are another set of technical SEO issues we often find in a technical SEO audit. These all make it more difficult for search engine crawlers to navigate your site and can even stop them from accessing pages completely. They have a big impact on user experience too.


Site Speed

When your website is slow to load it won’t just be your customers who are left waiting. While page speed is not the crucial ranking factor it once was, it is still an important part of page experience and a slow site speed could drag your website down the rankings.

Weak Content

When it comes to website content, we rarely see a website without pages of weak or thin content. Google weighs every page of content on your website equally as a ranking factor, so too many thin pages will even drag down the well-researched, useful content you slaved over for hours. You need every page to support your overall strategy.

Poor Link Profile

It’s surprising how many websites are wasting the opportunities of link building. As well as highlighting potential growth, we’ll check your existing link profile and anchor text to make sure no ‘spammy’ signals are being sent.


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SEO Audit FAQs


While many tools claim to offer an automated SEO site audit, they won’t give you an in-depth view of what is happening on your website. Most often, they take a brief look at key metrics but only grasp part of the picture before telling you there are problems and not offering any fixes.

When an SEO expert carries out a website audit, they might use various industry tools such as Screaming Frog and SEMRush as well reports from Google Search Console and GA4. They will get a complete overview of your current SEO performance before setting out areas to improve or streamline. A professional SEO audit will take all the guesswork out of your current SEO situation and suggest a detailed roadmap to SEO success.

Another temptation of an automated website SEO audit is to keep costs down. However, it may cost you more in the long run as you try to work out fixes without clear guidance or even waste time looking at issues that don’t have much impact while serious problems languish at the bottom of your to-do list.

Our SEO consultants spend over £2000 every month on tools to help us run comprehensive audits that explore the extent of your SEO efforts. We’re able to spread these costs so you don’t foot the bill, while our years of experience building bespoke SEO strategies means we can clearly explain the steps you need to take to boost your position on search engine results pages.

A thorough SEO audit will usually take between five and ten hours. If your site is particularly big or complex, if you have multiple domains or languages it will take longer. This wait will be worth it when you have a complete guide to your website’s SEO performance as well as advice on how to improve your SEO efforts to improve your website’s rankings and earn more organic traffic.

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