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The Puzzle

At the beginning of 2022, we were approached by KOREC Group, a leading supplier of geospatial technology to the construction industry, who were interested in discussing SEO for their existing website.

After conducting an SEO audit, we found that there were several issues that needed to be addressed. These included technical issues such as redirect loops, a weak backlink profile, slow page load speeds, and very little basic on-page optimisation.

There were also a number of content-related issues. This included things such as duplicated content, missing FAQs, and the need for more expertise-driven, user-centric content to help establish them as the thought-leaders they are.

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The Vision

The KOREC website was designed and developed by a different web company a number of years ago, and while we had limitations in what we could do, our vision was to ensure it was working as hard as possible to improve visibility, traffic, and user experience.

We first started by addressing the technical and content-related issues that were identified in the audit. We prioritised the technical SEO fixes and worked on ad-hoc development projects to improve user experience and content flow. Very pleased with the results achieved and how the process was handled, this later turned into providing ongoing hosting and technical support services to KOREC.

We then focused on improving the website’s link profile through content marketing and digital PR – working alongside and integrating their own PR output to deliver more broad ranging coverage.

We also developed a content audit and optimisation plan for a hub and bespoke content strategy. This was done alongside ongoing work to ensure category and landing page content is as user and search-engine friendly as possible – with highly targeted keyword research and CRO analysis at the forefront of this to reduce bounce rates and make sure the right visitors are finding the right content.

The Transformation

Since January 2022, the KOREC website has seen a 190% increase in visibility. Off the back of this, organic traffic saw a 19% increase in Q1 2023 compared to Q1 2022.

This increase saw us achieve some fantastic results year on year, with a 48% increase in goal completions, a 38.5% reduction in bounce rates, and a 17% increase in brand-new visitors.

Overall, we were able to transform KOREC’s online performance by improving and fixing technical and content-related issues, optimising for more user-driven content, and creating a comprehensive content marketing and digital PR strategy.

The client is now enjoying increased visibility, traffic, and goal completions as a result – providing them with a solid foundation for continued growth as we head into the next phase of our partnership.

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