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Want to drive more traffic to your eCommerce site? Our eCommerce SEO agency can help you increase your visibility and reach more customers

eCommerce SEO services might feel like sorcery but it’s a slow, steady application of skills, knowledge and techniques that only delivers impressive results when guided by a careful hand. It doesn’t promise growth overnight but with monitoring and revision, eCommerce SEO services can deliver astonishing results in the long term.

Many eCommerce websites fail because they stumble through their strategy, basing it on guesswork and wishes. Our SEO services can light the way to better website visibility, helping you increase your online traffic and organic sales.

We specialise in eCommerce SEO consultancy, with diverse clients who all share the same goal – to raise their online revenue by increasing their organic traffic. We help them improve their position in organic search results and grow their online sales while still sharing their expertise and enthusiasm to fully engage with their customers.

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Do eCommerce Businesses Need an eCommerce SEO Agency?

Perhaps more than any other type of business, eCommerce stores need an excellent SEO strategy. You can only attract potential customers if you’re showing up in search results, and that means charming Google and other search engines to present your online store.

Fail to show up in the search engine results pages and you’re missing vital website traffic.

And in turn, you’re missing sales.

But SEO for eCommerce is also complicated. eCommerce sites are often vast, stacked with product pages, category pages and help pages which offer so much potential – and almost as much risk. It is never enough to optimise just one or two pages, you have to see an eCommerce website as a whole to help draw organic revenue.

Working with an experienced eCommerce SEO agency can take the sting out of your digital marketing strategy. From crafting copy, on-page optimisation and UX audits to technical SEO fixes and link acquisition, we offer effective eCommerce SEO services that will drive organic traffic to your online store. All the while improving your position as a credible and reliable source on the search engine results page. We are a specialist eCommerce SEO agency that specialises in Shopify SEO, Woocommerce SEO, Bigcommerce SEO as well as a host of other eCommerce platforms.

Ready to Uncover Your True Potential?

Start your journey with a chat with our eCommerce SEO services team. Once they have an idea of what you’re hoping to achieve, they will leverage the knowledge and experience of our experts and pitch potential strategies that will unlock opportunities.

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Transform Your Marketing With Our eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce Keyword Research

Keyword research rests at the heart of any eCommerce SEO strategy. It guides the way for copy, site structure and helps us understand your customers. But plucking target keywords based on high search volume alone is not enough to deliver better search engine rankings, so we'll dig deeper to build your eCommerce SEO campaign. We'll balance long-tail keywords with the intent behind the searches potential customers are making so you stand out against your competitors.

Keyword Research Services

eCommerce SEO Audits

With a streamlined eCommerce SEO audit, we'll pull back the curtain on your eCommerce website to see what is supporting your online visibility and what definitely isn't. We'll see where your organic traffic is landing, which pages are generating the most leads and we’ll seek out any missed opportunities or performance issues. This lets us create an eCommerce SEO strategy that is based on data with a clear plan of action that’s destined to improve your online visibility.

SEO Audit Services

eCommerce Technical SEO

It takes more than a sprinkling of relevant keywords to please Google. If you want your eCommerce store to rank well, it needs to offer an excellent user experience too. We can take care of your technical SEO strategy, working with web developers and UX designers to optimise your site architecture and page loading speeds. We'll also follow up with ongoing analysis so we can spot any new issues and fix them quickly.

Technical SEO Services

eCommerce Copywriting

When it comes to eCommerce SEO, copywriting is the star of the show. While technical fixes and keyword research are equally essential, it's copy that brings them together. Our talented team of content writers craft copy that is well-researched, user-driven and fits with your brand voice. This is copy that engages its audience, proving your brand's expertise to search engines and to potential customers.

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eCommerce Digital PR

Google can't reward each and every eCommerce website, and a successful link-building campaign is one way to prove your website is worthy of attention. We provide digital PR services to help you capture the attention of relevant high-authority websites, drive referral traffic and prove to Google that your eCommerce website is worthy of trust and a higher search ranking. In the past, we've secured backlinks from HuffPost, Business Insider, The Guardian, Comedy Central and the New York Times to name a few.

Digital PR Services

eCommerce Creative Content

It takes something special to catch the eye of big-name websites. We craft creative campaigns that help draw the eye and engage the mind, delivering fantastic link-building results. Starting with a creative strategy that keeps your brand, your goals and your customers at its core, we'll design a bespoke creative campaign. We'll take an imaginative idea, and combine it with striking visuals and captivating copy to help you hold the attention of customers and relevant websites and brands.

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A Taste of What We Do

Creative content can raise your profile and attract great quality backlinks. You need organic search expertise and exceptional design to create high-quality content. That’s why our SEO and design departments work as one. As a creative digital marketing agency, it’s at the heart of what we love to do.


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Our eCommerce SEO Magic


An effective eCommerce SEO strategy is ongoing and ever-evolving. We may build a custom eCommerce SEO strategy that is based on in-depth research, but we’ll consistently review our data and stay agile with our planning – helping you embrace every opportunity that arises.


As an experienced eCommerce SEO agency, we draw on decades of industry knowledge with every strategy we create. From identifying to implementing the SEO services that your business needs, we’ll always use the very best SEO practice to increase organic traffic to your eCommerce platform.



We’re more than just experienced and knowledgeable, we’re a creative team too. eCommerce SEO is very much a “think outside the box” specialism and being creatively driven. This means we can spot the solutions that others might leave shrouded in darkness and achieve results beyond the ordinary.


We’ll dig deep with research and sit down with you so we can learn all we need to know about your business. We’ll identify and deliver the eCommmerce SEO services that your business genuinely needs to give you dazzling results without draining your budget.


We are an eCommerce SEO agency, and that means we can easily identify when something isn’t working. We’ll manage your budget and our time effectively to make sure nothing is wasted chasing the impossible – or even the improbable. And we’ll make sure your strategy is agile and ever-evolving, to follow algorithm updates, industry developments and your business needs.


How is eCommerce SEO different?

The realm of eCommerce SEO is different because it’s driven by transactions and trust. You’re guiding your visitors through a journey that should end in a sale or sign-up and this means understanding and optimising for customer intent and user experience. As SEO experts, we’re here to deliver exactly what people are searching for to make their path to a purchase as clear and quick as possible.

How often should SEO be done?

With eCommerce SEO services, the work is never truly done. Google regularly releases algorithm updates, technology develops and trends change. If you want to see lasting success, your SEO strategy needs to evolve too. When you stop analysing your results, identifying weaknesses and embracing opportunities, you can quickly lose the gains you’ve made. An SEO campaign is an eternally evolving thing – if you want the results, you need to put in the work.

What are SEO tools?

It takes a whole host of tools to carry out successful SEO campaigns. We invest over £2000 in subscription tools every single month to support our eCommerce SEO clients, and we couldn’t work without a single one. From software that helps us run complex audits smoothly to performance analytics that give us the detailed data we need to build our SEO services on. They are almost as important as the creativity and experience of our eCommerce SEO experts.

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