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A full-service agency that mixes data and creativity to achieve the astonishing.

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Illuminating Our Purpose

We offer our clients holistic, long-term solutions that transform their online growth.

We use our passion and creativity to spark work that we're proud of, delivering remarkable results.

We are careful and considerate, making sure we can deliver on what we commit to. We look after the details so you don't have to.

We have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to our approach. We are open and direct but we act with humility.

We are one team. We invest in ourselves so that we can better invest in your brand.

We celebrate the impressive results our teams achieve for our eCommerce clients.

Our Journey Through The Maze

Allow us to make a brief introduction and tell you our founding story.

The Digital Maze was breathed into existence with the sole purpose of helping established eCommerce brands further explore the online landscape to elevate their brand positioning.

The vision of bringing high-performing digital agencies into one circle began when Ian Lancaster, founder of specialist data agency TwentyCi, acquired Evolve Retail. Ian then joined forces with Rob Twells and Liam Nelson, founders of web design agency Frogspark, who came on board in 2020 alongside the acquisition of Boom Online – a digital performance marketing agency.

By joining forces, we’re able to offer truly phenomenal experiences for our clients and their customers. Our holistic service covers every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Together, we’ve helped over 500 businesses better navigate their industry landscape online and come out the other side bigger, stronger and more successful.

If there’s one thing to know about us, it’s that we help eCommerce brands transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

  • One delivery team, with in-depth knowledge of the digital marketing landscape
  • Commercial awareness and ability to support business growth with marketing
  • Google Partners, meaning that we are consistantly a top performing Agency

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taste of what we do...


Feeling Inspired?

Wormhole The Digital Maze

We're a curious bunch.

Every member of our team has a unique story of how they came to be digital marketers. With so much passion for our individual arts flying around, it’s no wonder creative sparks fly.

We know that an agency on the whole is better than the sum of its parts. Together, we push boundaries and seek new approaches to help you differentiate your brand from the competition, but always stay grounded in why we do what we do and how we do it.

Our collective eyes tend to see things a little differently than other brands. Are you ready to explore our ways of thinking?

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