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The Puzzle

Imperial College London tasked us with combining two separate brands into a single website (Celesta Venues) in order to offer commercial summer accommodation, conferencing and events in line with their new visual identity. The aim was to create an engaging and smooth user experience offering various features like venue directories and virtual tours, catering for different audiences—from casual users to corporate clients.

All of this to help position Celesta Venues as the leading provider of academic venues and group accommodation in London, leveraging their unique affiliation with Imperial College London.

A laptop showing the brand new Celesta Venue website
The new celesta website shown on mobile

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The Vision

To bring Imperial College London’s ideas to life, we followed a meticulous process tailored to their unique challenges. Firstly, our web designers undertook a comprehensive UX session, conducting stakeholder interviews and workshops to fully understand their objectives and audience needs.

This groundwork culminated in a detailed statement of works, shaping the blueprint for our collaboration and the foundation of the new website. Using insights from the separate branding exercise, we seamlessly integrated their new visual identity into our design. Our user-centric approach ensured key features like finding venues and taking virtual tours worked well for everyone, facilitating an intuitive and engaging experience for both their leisure and corporate clients.

The Transformation

This comprehensive approach, combining design precision, a focus on user experience, and strategic and collaborative planning, paved the way for a website that not only met but exceeded Imperial College London’s expectations.

The new site offers an engaging user experience with enhanced functionalities, including an efficient and detailed venue directory, immersive virtual tours and intuitive navigation. Notably, the website’s inclusive design met rigorous accessibility standards, aligning with Imperial College London’s position as a premier provider of academic venues and group accommodations in London.

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