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Our Digital PR team can craft creative and newsworthy content that captivates customers and search engines alike.

Do I need Digital PR?

If you want your business to be seen in the right circles, you definitely need Digital PR.

With an expert Digital PR strategy, you can raise brand awareness, and increase traffic to your website with valuable backlinks to boost your SEO.

We’ll do more than just distribute a press release to create basic brand awareness. With our digital public relations, we’ll craft a story that catches the attention of online media so they just have to share it with their readers. Quality content that people just have to read – and share!

We’ll build a Digital PR campaign that benefits the publisher, the marketer and the reader. The publisher will grab readers’ attention, keeping them on their site and growing their reach through social media sharing. Meanwhile, the marketer gets vital exposure alongside links – building their authority in the eyes of search engines and improving your ranking on their result pages.

Whether you want to issue a press release to shout about your latest developments or spark a conversation with a creative data-led piece, our Digital PR services will plan, create and outreach content that draws attention to your business.


How we guide your business into the limelight

Creative Content

You won’t charm big-name websites with tired, dull content. We’ll craft a creative campaign that takes an inspiring idea and tailors it to the audience you really want to speak to. Keeping your brand, your goals and your customers at its core, we’ll build a bespoke creative campaign that earns you links and attention.

Reactive PR

You don’t have to rely on creating content to find outreach opportunities. With reactive Digital PR, we’ll tune right into what’s going on in the world. By following the news and journalist requests, real-time events and awareness days, we can make the most of organic link-building opportunities as they happen.

Content Marketing

We’ll make sure your website sparkles with content worth reading. Our engaging, educational and share-worthy content supports link-building – making sure your website is worthy of all this extra attention.

Ready To Shine a Light On Your Business?

Speak to our client services team to start your journey. When we’ve got a grasp of your business goals, our digital marketing team will come together to create a content marketing strategy that drives the results you desire.

How we weave our magic


We build every digital PR campaign collaboratively, starting with a list of inspirational ideas. Then we filter these concepts until we find the one with the most potential – be it as a news story or a creative campaign. And then we come to you. We’ll ask you to choose the idea that appeals most – to you and your customers. Then will we dig down with research to write a complete content brief for you to consider.


Once you’re fully committed to the idea, our creative team will work their magic turning well-researched data into striking visuals and sparkling copy – all with your dream audience in mind. We can tailor our content to the mass appeal of mainstream media, technical B2B websites or social media influencers, and everyone in between.


When the final content is fully approved, our Digital PR specialists will start to spread the word. They’ll draw on their extensive contacts, professional knowledge and years of industry experience to make sure the right people see your content. This will earn you key media coverage, generate valuable brand awareness and boost your SEO with quality links.

A Taste of What We Do

Creative content can raise your profile and attract great quality backlinks. You need organic search expertise and exceptional design to create high-quality content. That’s why our SEO and design departments work as one. As a creative digital marketing agency, it’s at the heart of what we love to do.


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Digital PR FAQs

Is Digital PR part of SEO?

Digital PR is a vital part of any successful SEO strategy. These days, E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust) is a huge part of success in SEO. It helps you show Google you website is worthy of attention when other trusted sources are happy to share your content.

Digital PR can be a wonderful way to improve E-E-A-T, helping you build these all important backlinks. If you want to see real success from SEO, you need a mix of methods and digital PR is a key part of that.

What is Digital PR content?

The one thing that content for a digital PR campaign must be is interesting. Shouting about bland, boring or uninspiring content is a waste of time – no one will listen. This is why creative content is so popular in Digital PR – it revolves around an inspiring, imaginative idea that will intrigue publishers and readers.

Add eye-catching graphics and entertaining copy and you’ll have enchanting content that attracts high-quality backlinks and shows your brand at its best.

How do you measure the success of Digital PR?

One of the benefits of digital PR campaigns over traditional PR is that they are a lot easier to measure. As a Digital PR agency, we have access to a range of specialist software that allows us to measure the success of digital PR campaigns, including the number of backlinks, the traffic generated and who’s talking about it on social media.

However, Digital PR can deliver more than a rush of backlinks. Backlinks are a great way to impress Google by indicating that your site is worthy of attention because other sites that are already trusted are happy to share it.

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