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Google Shopping Ads are an excellent way to increase revenue and encourage more customers to commit to your products.

They maximise product visibility helping you stay ahead of the competition. They also reach potential customers at key points in their buyer journey, with clear, persuasive pictures of your products and showcase all the important information.

We can craft Google Shopping campaigns that promote your products and increase traffic to your business, helping you find qualified leads to increase conversions.

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Google Shopping Campaigns Built To Meet Your Goals

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Our team of Google Shopping management experts will build a bespoke campaign tailored to the needs of your business. We make sure your product feed is fully optimised with all the information Google needs to make sure your products turn up at the right time, appearing in front of shoppers who are actually interested.

We’ll harness the power of intelligent machine learning like Performance Max as well as our extensive experience to create ads that display the best of your products and deliver astonishing results.

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What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads are a specific type of paid ad that appears towards the top of Google search results. Unlike standard Google search ads, they include a picture and a price – fantastic for eCommerce businesses as they give the customer a clear of your product when they’re almost ready to make a purchase.

They showcase your products alongside the information that potential customers want to see most. They put your products in the spotlight – right where they should be!

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Want to find more qualified leads for your brand? Our experienced PPC team can make sure you get the most out of your advertising spend.

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How is Google Shopping charged?

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Google Shopping Ads are a type of pay-per-click advertising so you are only charged when people click on your advert. The people who visit your page this way are more likely to commit to a purchase as they’ve seen the important information such as price already which means that Google Shopping offers one of the best returns on your marketing investment.

Are Google Shopping Ads worth it for eCommerce?

The benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Almost all eCommerce businesses can benefit from Google Shopping adverts. As long as they’re managed strategically, they give a fantastic return on your ad spend as you don’t waste money paying for any unqualified leads.

Unlike other Google paid ads, Shopping Ads feature product pictures which engage potential customers and encourage a higher level of clicks.

Paid Advertising Services That Show The Best Of Your Business

Social Media Advertising

Reach a new audience with paid social media adverts. We’ll craft attractive adverts with enticing copy for targeted adverts that drive brand awareness, traffic and conversions.

Our Social Media Advertising Services

Display Advertising

Step beyond search engines using visually appealing banners and adverts on relevant websites to help you reach a wider audience and increase your brand exposure.

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PPC Audits

Maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your Google Shopping Campaign with a PPC audit. We will identify any areas for improvement to optimise your budget allocation so you get the most for your Google ad spend.

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How We Work Our Magic With Your Google Shopping Management

Managing your feed

Google gets all the information it needs about the items you sell from your product feed. You need up-to-date and comprehensive information about your products that is fully optimised to make sure the Google Merchant Centre can find everything it needs to build your Shopping Ads.

We can make sure your product feed shares all the important information that Google and your customers need to know.

Optimising Your Campaign

We’re experts in Google Shopping management, so we can help you design a campaign structure tailored to your own specific goals.

We’ll review traffic and use negative keywords to make sure your ads appear to the right audience in the right places, as well as use competitor research to make sure your Shopping Ads stand out against the rest.


Monitor and Improve

After setting them up we’ll regularly return to your shopping campaigns to check for new opportunities, expand your campaign and improve any elements that aren’t performing as they should. We won’t miss any chance to further optimise your campaign and deliver even better results

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PPC Campaigns

Looking for pay-per-click campaigns that combine imagination with insight? Our expert team know exactly how to optimise your Google Ads so they deliver extraordinary results.

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Display Campaigns

From design and bidding management to conversion rate optimisation (CRO) we’ll carefully craft your display campaigns so they convince new customers to commit to your business.

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Paid Social Media Advertising

We’ll weave our magic across your social media platforms with a paid social ad strategy that captivates new customers.

Social Media Advertising Services

PPC Training

If you want to keep your PPC in-house, our tailored PPC training will share the secrets of success with your team so they can master every stage of the PPC process.

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PPC Audits

Reveal the true potential of your PPC campaigns with a complete PPC audit. Our expert team will review your current strategies to spot where you’re succeeding and where you could improve, to make sure your PPC delivers its very best.

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Our experienced team of Google Shopping experts have helped a wide range of clients harness the power of this platform. We can help build campaigns for your online store that work to deliver the results you need.

As well as understanding the optimisation techniques needed to succeed in your Google Shopping campaigns, we can support you with all areas of digital marketing. With specialists in SEO, content marketing and web development we can provide expertise to make sure you’re achieving the best of your business online.

We will build a successful Google Shopping campaign that delivers results beyond your expectations.

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