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Want to drive more organic traffic to your website? We can show you the technical SEO fixes that are holding you back from clear search visibility.

Technical SEO services that will light up the pathway to online visibility.

When the spotlight is trained towards your on-page SEO, it’s easy to forget about the hard work going on behind the scenes. But sprinkling your pages with well-researched keywords or carefully crafted copy alone is not enough to win visibility on search engine results pages.

Google and other search engines need to be able to find and access your website before they can decide how to rank it. So if you want your website to capture more traffic through its organic search performance, you need your technical SEO to be on point.

Our team of technical SEO experts can optimise the inner workings of your website to make sure it is accessible to search engine crawlers.

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What do our technical SEO specialists do?

Technical SEO covers a wide range of factors that make it difficult (even impossible) for search engines to access your website. To make sure your site is optimised on the technical side, we look out for:

  • Pages that are slow to load
  • Pages that aren’t indexed
  • Robot files or site maps that are incorrectly configured
  • Any duplicate content
  • External broken links

Our technical SEO services cover technical SEO audits that test the backstage health of your website performance to creating a site structure that is clear to customers and search crawlers, our technical SEO services can illuminate and address the issues that are limiting your search visibility.

Ready to Uncover Your True Potential?

Start your journey with a chat with our client services team. Once they have an idea of what you’re hoping to achieve, they will leverage the knowledge and experience of our experts and pitch potential strategies that will unlock opportunities.

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Technical SEO services that light the way to success

Technical SEO Audit

We don't want to waste time on complex changes when simple fixes will have more impact. Running a full technical SEO audit on your website helps us spot existing issues. We will use the results of the audit mixed with our expertise to prioritise resolutions so that you see improvements to your site quickly.

SEO Audit Services

Technical SEO Strategy

We'll build a technical SEO strategy that lights the way to a website optimised for performance, usability and - in turn - search visibility for your business. We'll tailor your strategy to make sure it meets your online goals, and build it using up-to-date technical SEO best practices.

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Technical SEO

It takes more than a sprinkling of relevant keywords to please Google. If you want your eCommerce store to rank well, it needs to offer an excellent user experience too. We can take care of your technical SEO strategy, working with web developers and UX designers to optimise your site architecture and page loading speeds. We'll also follow up with ongoing analysis so we can spot any new issues and fix them quickly.

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Google Penalty Recovery Services

If your website falls foul of search engine algorithms, it can be hit by a penalty which makes its organic search performance suffer. We'll run a detailed analysis to understand what caused the penalty and work our magic to get you back to centre stage as swiftly as possible. We also offer content marketing and link-building services to help boost your website ranking sustainably moving forward.

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Page Speed Optimisation

Your site speed is a crucial part of your technical SEO - you need a site that loads smoothly and quickly. Slow, shakey load times can harm your search engine visibility and cost you customers - no one wants to sit around waiting for your page to load or try to navigate shifting page assets. We'll look at technical issues like caching, hosting, compressing images and minimising HTTP requests to help get your website performance at its best.

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Web Architecture

A cohesive website structure is vital to being search engine friendly as well as user-friendly. Whether you're planning a new website or reviewing your existing one ready to restructure, we can optimise the architecture of your website to maximise its performance.

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International SEO

If your business operates internationally, we'll make sure search engines understand which countries your website should reach. Our International SEO experts will make it clear to search engines which countries and languages are relevant for you, helping you show up on the right results around the world.

International SEO Services

How is technical SEO done?

As the name suggests, technical SEO is quite complex. Technical. It takes specialist knowledge to implement, and a lot of experience to do it quickly and effectively. As a technical SEO agency, we have a combined expertise built up over decades that lets us spot the struggles in your technical SEO and solve them.

We understand all the technical elements that can impact the volume of organic traffic that your website receives. We’ll uncover any technical issues that are stopping your website from reaching its full potential, and our technical SEO consultants will work with your web developer to fix them.


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How we shine a spotlight on your website


Before we begin, we’ll spend time exploring your website to seek out any issues that are already lurking in the background. Our technical SEO specialists will carry out a complete audit to find any problems using industry-proven SEO tools such as Screaming Frog and Sitebulb as well as our years of technical SEO experience.


Our technical SEO team will bring our findings back to you, so we can work together to prioritise the fixes that will have the impact you’re looking for. We’ll create an action plan that is bespoke and built for your business, putting the focus where you need it.



If you want to keep your technical SEO implementation in-house, we can work with your web development team to make sure the necessary improvements are made. However, our technical mindset and experience as a full-service agency means we can take the lead to implement the fixes ourselves too.


We’ll dig deep with research and sit down with you so we can learn all we need to know about your business. We’ll identify and deliver the technical SEO services that your business genuinely needs to give you dazzling results without draining your budget.


After implementation, we will continually review the technical SEO changes made. The search engines can do some strange things after the implementation of technical SEO fixes, but we will be on hand to monitor and address them until we have stability.


Why is technical SEO so important?

Without technical SEO, search engine spiders will be left stumbling around your website in the dark. Any effort you put into on-page SEO such as keyword research or copywriting is wasted if search engines can’t see it. Our technical SEO services let search engines access your site, shining a light on your business to improve your visibility for crawlers and customers.

What are some quick technical SEO wins?

Reclaiming broken links, adding schema markup and improving page speed are all technical SEO challenges that are fairly easy to remedy when you know how. However, like all technical SEO work, they are complex to carry out and take specialist knowledge. While an in-depth dive is the best way to improve your website’s performance, addressing these issues will boost your visibility in search in the meantime.


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