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The Puzzle

As a boutique gift shop based in Leicester and trading online, Nest boasts an impressive collection of over 20,000 SKUs, featuring bags, scarves, jewellery, games, accessories, and more. Among their best sellers is the well-loved Jelly Cat brand.

While Nest were enjoying substantial revenue through third-party sellers, this came with a considerable amount of commission payout. Hoping to reveal the full potential of their site, Nest were keen to understand how Google Analytics, SEO and PPC could be used to increase direct sales from their website and, in turn, reallocate a substantial portion of that commission back into the growth of their own business.

The puzzle became even more challenging by the client’s use of a bespoke eCommerce platform, which meant we’d have to achieve great things a little way out of our comfort zone.

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118% increase in transactions
213% increase in visibility

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The Vision

Following a comprehensive site audit, covering technical SEO, Paid Media, Content and UX we identified, and implemented, several opportunities for the site. This included launching shopping campaigns based on the client’s priorities, but also with part of the budget set aside for testing, which revealed some surprising best selling products. The shopping feed was optimised to improve (and include missing) attributes, which helped to drive more traffic to products that had previously struggled.

We also introduced Facebook ads and remarketing campaigns to increase return visits, boost conversion rates and improve ROAS and revenue, particularly around seasonal events such as Christmas, Halloween etc.

From an SEO perspective we were keen to improve the foundational technical SEO to increase visibility for keywords and drive website traffic from high-intent users. This involved conducting a thorough technical SEO audit and working closely with their developers to ensure everything met our high standards. In addition we implemented a content audit to assess the on-page content, using keyword-mapping alongside NLP to optimise key pages throughout the site.

The Transformation

For the first six months of the year, Nest saw a 57.17% increase in revenue and a whopping 213% increase in visibility since we started working with them. Our focus on category optimisation also meant that pages that did not previously rank were now hitting page one on Google.

Working closely with the client on multi channel marketing, we were able to achieve a 118% increase in transactions (year on year) from paid advertising and saw an impressive 136% surge in organic transactions.

As a result the client is now enjoying improved visibility, better rankings, increased traffic and high revenue. All in a day’s work for the team!

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