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Where do you want your business to shine?

The keywords you weave into your website define which searches your website shows up in, as well as how high it ranks on the results page. They are the heart of your SEO strategy.

This means picking out the perfect words is vital. You need relevant keywords that have a search volume worth aiming for. Combine these with lower-competition (and still relevant) words and you help your website score higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

They sit at the heart of your SEO strategy, so picking out the perfect words is vital. You need relevant, popular but low-competition words to make sure your business is showing up first for your target market as they scour the search results.

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Why Choose Our Keyword Research Services?

We’ve been working with eCommerce businesses for years, helping them to shine a spotlight on their website. During our extensive experience as a keyword research agency, we’ve helped both B2B and B2C brands in various industries including tricky niches.

Our SEO consultants will use detailed analysis to find new keywords you’re missing out on to help you draw more qualified traffic to your website and improve your organic reach.

We have access to all the latest SEO tools, including industry-standard keyword tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs and Keyword Finder. This means our keyword research process is always in-depth, taking advantage of similar keywords, NLPs, and topic clusters to find those special keywords that really speak to your customers.

Our keyword research services are the backbone of our SEO services but we can also produce a keyword research document as a one-off project if you need targeted help. Whether you’re looking for local or internal SEO keyword research, or simply looking to set out your content strategy, our digital marketing team can help you find you speak your customers’ language.

Ready To Realise The Real Potential Of Your Business?

If you want to find out exactly what potential our expert SEO team can reveal, start by speaking to our client services team. They’ll ask all the important questions to pinpoint what you need, then draw on the knowledge and experience of our specialists and pitch possible strategies to optimise your presence online.

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SEO Services That Show Your Business In Its Best Light

eCommerce SEO

The eCommerce sector is competitive, and even in a niche market you might struggle to stand out. We specialise in eCommerce SEO which means we know what search engines want to see from your website, and can put in place strategies and fixes tailored to eCommerce.

Our eCommerce SEO Services

Technical SEO

Extensive keyword research is only part of a successful SEO strategy. Our technical SEO services take a look behind the scenes of your website and work their magic to ensure it loads quickly, is mobile friendly and that search engines can find their way around it.

Our Technical SEO Services

SEO Copywriting

An endless list of shoehorned keywords is not enough to charm search engines into ranking your website highly. We'll deliver content that showcases your expertise and proves your authority so you can engage readers and earn a higher ranking on the search engine results page.

Our SEO Copywriting Services

A Taste of What We Do

Creative content can raise your profile and attract great quality backlinks. You need organic search expertise and exceptional design to create high-quality content. That’s why our SEO and design departments work as one. As a creative digital marketing agency, it’s at the heart of what we love to do.


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How We Reveal The Full Potential Of Your Business


With the help of the latest industry tools, and our own curiosity, we’ll delve deep into the world of keyword data, considering monthly search volume, search intent, competition and relevancy until we reveal the perfect balance of keywords to speak to both potential customers and search engine crawlers.



We’ll bring together the results of our research in a comprehensive keyword report. This is the knowledge we’ll rely on to guide your website copy, find effective page titles and create new pages. It is the basis of your entire SEO strategy.


Search is ever-evolving so we treat your keyword research as a living document and return to it regularly. We’ll review it in line with keyword trends, performance and shifts in the search landscape. We’ll spot any new potential search terms and take advantage of new opportunities so we can make your website achieve its full potential.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Finding relevant keywords isn’t easy. In most cases, obvious keywords are highly competitive and that makes it impossible to rise above big-name brands. Plucking random low-competition keywords is not as simple as it sounds either, because if your customers aren’t searching for similar terms they’ll still never see your site, however highly you rank.

Through keyword research, you can unveil the secrets of what your target audience is searching for and shed light on their search habits. You can also explore how difficult these terms are to rank for and craft a keyword strategy that spells success.

Initial keyword research takes hours. It is impossible to say exactly how long it takes every time, because different words, niches and businesses may take more in-depth research than others. Even when using plenty of keyword research tools, and drawing on years of experience, high-quality keyword research is never quick.

We suggest sticking to 1 primary keyword and 2-4 secondary keywords for successful SEO. Your primary keyword is the star of the page, informing the content of the whole page. Your secondary keywords could be synonyms, subtopics or long tail keywords and they are the supporting acts, making sure search engines know exactly what your page is about and trust your authority on the subject.

Long tail keywords usually produce the best results when it comes to SEO. These feel more like phrases, usually 2-5 words long. This longer length means they have a lower keyword difficulty despite still delivering traffic. Beyond this, there are no specific keywords that work for every website. Instead, you need to find keywords that are relevant to your products, your customers and have a suitable search volume. You also need keywords where you can improve on the content your competitors provide, in terms of quality and authority.

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