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Once upon a time, stuffing your copy to the seams with keywords was all you needed to convince Google to rank your website well. Not anymore.

These days, the major search engines know better, and if you want your website to sit on the first page of organic search results you need high-quality content that is written to meet the needs of your customers, not just a search engine.

Whether you want help crafting new copy or optimising content already on your site, our experienced SEO copywriters can ensure that your website copy shows your business at its best.

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What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the craft of writing content that meets the high standards of search engines so they will rank your pages well in their results.

However, most search engines are only impressed by content written with a human-first approach. This means that good SEO copywriting has to be written for your customers and clients above all – it must be easy to read, authoritative and concise. No endless winding sentences. No complicated technical words. No empty, unnecessary repetitions.

You also need content that is informative, containing all the details your customers need to know and answering all their questions. This shows your target audience (including Google) that you’re an authority in your area, trustworthy and worth ranking on the first page.

Our SEO copywriting experts will create optimised content that is based on sound keyword research, supports your SEO strategy and shows customers and search engines that your business is worth their attention.

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Is SEO Copywriting Important?

If you want your business to succeed online, then copy that is optimised for search engines is vital.

This is what sells your business, both to your customers and search engines. It is a key part of convincing customers to commit to you, but it is also what helps them find you in the first place.

Effective SEO copywriting will encourage search engines like Google to rank your website high in their results. And the higher you appear on search engine results, the more people will see your business and the more organic traffic will reach your site.

It also gives you a chance to impress your customers. To show the benefits of choosing your business over your competitors and show how your products or services improve customers’ lives. And that is how you convert idle website browsers to loyal, committed customers.

By performing both these roles, great SEO content becomes one of the most important aspects of your website.

How do you write rich content for SEO?

Successful SEO copywriting starts with in-depth keyword research. Before you can start talking to your target audience, you need to know the language they’re using. That means finding keywords that perfectly balance search volume, competitiveness and customer interest.

This isn’t the only extensive research you need either. As well as talking the right language, you need to share the information your customers want to know. This will make sure your content converts, but will also show Google that you are an authority on your subject, that you understand your customers, your industry and your offering, and are worth ranking well.

Without this essential information, you can’t craft effective SEO copywriting.

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What do our SEO copywriting services cover?

Sales pages

Don’t miss a single ranking opportunity with optimised category and product pages. We can make sure your product pages make a persuasive case for your offering while appearing high enough in the search results to get spotted.

Service pages

We can showcase all the benefits your business brings over your competitors to improve page rankings and increase conversions.

Landing pages

Launching a new sales campaign? We’ll craft copy for a campaign-specific landing page that is tailored to your target market and convinces customers to pick your business.

Blog posts

Bland, unhelpful blog posts can drive away customers and scare off search engines, and crafting a great one isn’t always easy. We can create engaging, informative blog posts that support SEO as well as driving sales.

Hub content, guides and informational pieces

Google’s Helpful Content update turned hub posts and guides from optional content to mandatory. We can craft in-depth articles for your website that support your products, educate potential customers and showcase your expertise to impress Google.

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Copywriting FAQs

Who needs copywriting the most?

Any website that wants to rank highly on the SERPS needs well-optimised content, but it is particularly important for eCommerce businesses. Expertly-written content doesn’t just impress search engines by showcasing your expertise or implementing your keyword strategy – it also helps you stand out against your competitors and generate leads. Essential tasks for any eCommerce business.



How long should SEO copywriting be?

Rumours suggest there is a magical ‘ideal length’ for SEO copywriting but there really isn’t. While research indicates that blog posts around 2000 words long perform best this isn’t a blanket truth across all topics or all web pages. For example, a product page needs far less copy otherwise it can get confusing and off-putting to potential customers.

Even with blog posts, if you create content that is too long without bringing any value Google will still consider your content thin and penalise your website.

The best way to impress Google and convince customers to choose your business is to provide content tailored to your products, industry and the purpose of your pages. This means finding an appropriate format, including length, for every page.

Our copywriting experts use their knowledge and experience to create content that is always the optimal length. They’ll make sure every word counts and there’s always enough of them.



Is SEO copywriting just writing?

Writing is such a fundamental part of life, that it’s easy to assume anyone could write great content for your business. But if you want your website to rank organically and encourage people to convert, you need content that is well-written and optimised for search engines. This isn’t so easy.

Impressing your audience, whether that’s a search engine or potential customers, takes hard work. Everything from the topics you cover, the words you use and even the length of your sentences will affect the impact your content has so it’s important to get every aspect

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