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Make Your Website Work Harder Using Google Analytics

Launching your website is only the first step to seeing online success for your business. Even a perfect initial design can be improved over time, bringing you more customers and more revenue as it grows.

But the only way to find these improvements is by using data. Seeing how visitors find your website, navigate it and interact with it, then using this knowledge to inform your marketing decisions and SEO strategy.

Google Analytics 4 allows you to gather this data and analyse it to identify the changes you need to make. We can help you understand the data you collect through your Google Analytics account and translate it into actionable steps that will boost your business.

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Why Is GA4 Different From Google Universal Analytics?

Since July 2023, Google has transitioned from using Universal Analytics (UA) properties over to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This new form of Google Analytics gives you even more insights into your customer behaviour and website performance than ever before.

Unlike the older Universal Analytics, GA4 is event-driven. This means it can collect events-based data on specific user interactions and behaviours, rather than simply user numbers, page views and sessions.

We’re here to support you with the transition to the new Google Analytics. From setting up Google Tag Manager to make sure you’re tracking everything you need to know, to creating custom event triggers so you can support visitors across their entire customer journey, we can help you harness the new features of Google Analytics 4.

Want to Unlock The Secrets Of Your Analytics?

We can reveal the truth of your website data so that you can make informed decisions about your marketing. Speak to our client services team today to start your journey.

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GA4 Services

Helping You Make the Change From Google Universal Analytics To GA4

We’ve got tons of experience when it comes to helping clients with GA4 migration from GA UA, making sure that elements such as Google Ads reporting and event & eCommerce tracking are carried over seamlessly.

Optimised Data Collection

Google issued notice that universal properties would stop processing data at the end of July 2023, so if you still haven’t set up a GA4 property, or if Google has automatically migrated your account, you will need our help to optimise the set-up to make sure you are collecting the correct data you need and taking advantage of all the new features.

Custom Setup

We will take the time to learn the exact needs of you and your business so we can make sure your GA4 account is set up to meet them. Using advanced configuration, we can ensure you’re tracking events, custom dimensions and collecting the data you need to know.

Data Analysis

It’s not enough to collect data. You can only grow your business if you can see where it’s underperforming and that takes analysis. We can help you interpret the data analytics you collect so you can understand user behaviour and use it to inform your business decisions.

We can help you interpret and analyse the data collected by GA4 to inform your business decisions based on your web user behaviour by creating reports tailored to your specific needs.

How Can Google Analytics 4 Benefit Your Business?

AI-Powered Insights

Google Analytics 4 embraces machine learning to provide automatic insights into website performance. These insights are vital for identifying opportunities for improvement as well as helping you make data-driven decisions about the direction of your business.

Event-Driven Data Collection

GA4 is built using an event-driven data model. This means it tracks specific interactions across your website such as form submissions, clicks and video views. It gives you a detailed view of user behaviour and website performance, that you can use to shape marketing campaigns.

Cross-Device Tracking

With GA4 you can track user behaviour across multiple devices to see how your customers interact with your marketing campaigns and website across different channels. These insights can guide your strategy to optimise performance.

Ensure Compliance with Privacy Regulations

GA4 was designed with user privacy in mind. It is full of features to help you comply with GDPR, CCPA and other privacy regulations so you can avoid costly fines or legal issues.

Simplify Reporting and Analysis

Want to make more informed decisions about how to optimise your website and get better results from your marketing efforts? With its streamlined reporting interface and intuitive data visualisation, GA4 makes accessing and analysing the data you need easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Analytics 4 free?

Access to GA4 is free which is one of the many reasons it’s a great way to track data on your website. However, Google Analytics works to collect data but understanding what is key data and seeing how to improve from it takes knowledge and experience.

Here at TDM, our expert team knows how to transform your eCommerce data into action points for your digital marketing strategy so that your online presence is always performing at its best.

There is also a paid version, Google Analytics 360, which we can help you assess the benefits of for your business.

Is Google Analytics 4 GDPR Compliant?

In 2023, a framework was put in place to make sure that GA4 complied with European data protection regulations. However, this does not resolve all issues and is not enough to make sure you remain compliant. You will still need a legally clear cookie notification prompt and protect your data to ensure full compliance.

We can work with you to tune your website and your analytics to make sure it meets all relevant laws and regulations.

Can I view historical data from Universal Analytics with GA4?

You can only view historical data on GA4 as far back as when you specifically set up GA4 for your Google Analytics property.

As GA4 is a separate system, you can’t use it to access information from your previous universal analytics. However, if you do have an existing universal analytics property you are still able to access the data you collected through the old version of analytics for some time yet.

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