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Harness the true power of social media without worrying about wasted ad spend

Looking For A Paid Social Media Strategy That Delivers Astonishing Results?

Paid social media ads are a wonderful way to speak to the users your organic social efforts haven’t reached yet.

Social media networks are used by billions of people every month, from the 2.85 billion people worldwide Facebook users to the 35 million Instagram users in the UK alone. With paid social media advertising you can speak directly to this audience, finding them in their own space where they feel comfortable engaging with brands.

Paid ads allow you to narrow your target audience with pinpoint accuracy, using demographics, interests, lists and behaviours. While organic marketing methods only deliver longer-term results, a paid social ad campaign will start having an impact almost immediately. It is also more targeted than organic social media, helping you raise brand awareness and reach beyond your existing customers.

Your paid campaign can run across multiple social media platforms or focus on a particular social media network. We’ll help you create an ad campaign strategy that supports the needs of your business, whatever they may be.

Transform Your Paid Social Media Marketing

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Carefully Crafted Paid Social Media Advertising Strategies

Whether you’re looking to boost brand awareness, improve your lead generation or increase your sales, we will create a paid social media strategy that delivers the results you need.

We’ve got in-depth experience with a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and Pinterest, so we can help you find the right network to support the aims of your business.

We’ll make sure your social media advertising strategy makes the most of your ad spend, focusing on a target audience who are likely to convert. Our team of digital marketing experts have skills across graphic design, content creation and copywriting so we can create truly unique and effective assets to support your campaigns too.

From day one, you can trust your paid social marketing strategy is in good hands, saving you time and money on endless research or failed experiments.

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What is paid social media advertising?

Paid social media advertising is a type of paid advertising that is restricted to social media platforms.

You can harness the extensive demographic data that social media networks collect to carefully target campaigns directly to a very specific audience.

This level of targeting means that paid social media ads can deliver a high return on investment. Though you may be paying for the ad campaign, you should see a much bigger revenue increase than your ads cost.


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What are paid social media methods?

Speak to your audience

Paid advertising is available across most social media platforms including Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads and Instagram ads. Each platform has a slightly different set-up and key to success, but they all allow for in-depth targeting to make sure you only pay to speak to your chosen audience.

What are the 5 benefits of a paid social campaign?

Precise, cost-effective targeting

  • It allows for precise targeting which enables a higher conversion rate
  • It can be cost-effective if you use audience targeting effectively
  • It increases your brand reach to people who might not otherwise find you
  • It gives quicker and more reliable results than organic posts
  • It allows for in-depth performance tracking so you can consistently evolve and improve your marketing strategy

Our PPC Services


Reach new audiences with paid Facebook ad campaigns. With nearly 3 billion users on Facebook every month, it’s a fantastic way to find new interest in your business. With our eye-catching visual assets and engaging copy, we’ll deliver a high level of conversion from interested explorers to committed customers.

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90% of Instagram’s 2 billion active users already follow at least 1 business – we can help you capture a coveted spot on more feeds. From photo ads to Instagram Stories, this platform has plenty of creative ad formats to reach users and deliver strong engagement with high-quality paid campaigns.

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Speak to over 810 million members on the world’s largest professional network with paid LinkedIn ads. The ideal platform for B2B campaigns, we’ll create a paid social strategy that delivers ads to decision-makers using targeting across job titles, industry, seniority and company.

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What Magic Will Our PPC Team Work?

Campaign Setup

We’ll elevate your results with a paid social media strategy that takes a creative approach to achieving your goals. We’ve got extensive experience working with eCommerce brands to transform existing campaigns or build new ones from scratch.

Test & Learn

You might be surprised by what draws customers to your business. We’ll test, review and learn from every campaign we build to make sure you are showcasing exactly what customers are looking for, so they see every reason to visit your website.


Campaign Results

We won’t just set up your campaign and leave you in the dark. We provide detailed reporting on a monthly basis so you’ll always know how your social media marketing is performing and where it’s heading.

Paid Social Media Campaigns That Get Your Brand Seen

Target by your chosen demographic

Want to make sure your paid social ads are being seen in all the right places? We can tailor your social media strategy using a range of demographic information such as age, location, occupation and even education.

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Target by your chosen interests

Another way to target your social ads is by using your audience’s interests. This might include favoured retailers, their hobbies, the food and drink they like and even the entertainment they enjoy. We can match these to your products to make sure you’re targeting like-mind customers.

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We can also tailor your paid social strategy using remarketing, ensuring your social ads are seen by people who have already purchased from you, signed up to your mailing lists or interacted with your social media accounts.

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Want To Unlock The True Potential Of Your Paid Social Media Strategy?

Our paid social media team can create a strategy that adds a spark of creativity to carefully collected data and delivers paid ads that draw traffic to your website.

We’ll make sure we’re familiar with your current business goals and the needs of your customers so we can create a paid social media strategy that meets your objectives.

Delivering The Results You Need Across All Your Digital Marketing

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can support with more than just paid social media ads. From finding more organic traffic to a website design that captures attention, we can reveal the best of your business so you achieve the results you truly deserve.

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