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Are your PPC campaigns delivering their full potential?

Our PPC audits will peer into the inner workings of your campaigns to discover where your PPC performance is lacking. We’ll check your account structure, ad copy and the keywords you’re using to make sure everything is set up to deliver the best results for the smallest cost.

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Why does my business need a PPC audit?

Pay-per-click campaigns are a reliable way of generating leads and sales as they promise your business pride of place among the search results.

But without a successful PPC strategy, they will also drain your budgets with little reward, sucking up ad spend on keywords that don’t speak to your audience or for your business.

We’ll carry out a PPC audit that reveals the true health of your campaigns. We’ll pinpoint any issues that need addressing and identify any actions you can take to improve your PPC performance and meet your paid advertising objectives.

Our PPC experts can improve campaign click-through rates (CTR), impression share and conversion rates to deliver lower costs per click and cut wasted ad spend so you see more conversions and a higher ROI.

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We’re part of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program. This means Microsoft recognises our commitment and investment in Microsoft Advertising and our ability to help our clients exceed their PPC goals.


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As Google Premier Partners, our PPC experts sit within the top 3% of Google Ad agencies. We have access to all the latest education, insight and support so we’re perfectly placed to offer in-depth analysis and evidence-based advice to get your PPC campaign performance at its best.

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Drive targeted traffic to your site using keyword bidding and ad placement based on carefully curated strategies that are proven to deliver results.

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Showcase your products in their best light and increase eCommerce sales by reaching more customers who are actively seeking to purchase.

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Social Media Ad Campaigns

Find your customers in their comfort zones using social media platforms. We can help tailor paid campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, X and LinkedIn with attractive and appealing adverts that increase brand awareness as well as traffic.

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What do our PPC audits look for?

Your business is entirely unique, so we’ll build a bespoke PPC audit that meets the needs of your business goals. This could include a combination of:

Ad Account Structure and Setup

When your ad account is well structured, you’ll see higher quality scores and better reach to relevant audiences. You’ll also find it easier to organise and optimise your campaigns. We’ll make sure your ad account uses the correct hierarchy for your needs, so you save management time and can make informed decisions.

We’ll also make sure your Google Ads account is linked to your GA4 account (previously Google Analytics) to increase the valuable insights you get into your target audience.

Conversion Tracking

You need reliable data on your PPC expenditure to make informed changes to your marketing strategy. We’ll make sure your conversion tracking is working as it should, so you get an accurate picture of purchases, sign-ups and form submissions connected to your PPC ads.

Campaign Structure Analysis

It isn’t enough to have your account structured correctly – we’ll make sure your actual campaigns are structured for success. From checking you have brand and non-brand split or separate Search and Display Network work campaigns to making sure your naming system is consistent, our experienced PPC managers will streamline your campaigns so they deliver the best results they can.

Optimise your Ad Groups

We’ll make sure your ad groups are set up correctly with the keywords you need to target – and the ones you need to exclude. We’ll make sure you have landing pages teamed with relevant keywords and that you have a number of ad variations to accurately measure performance.

Finally, we’ll ensure that all your keywords are organised thematically and that all your ad copy is true to their search intent.

Keywords Audit

Keywords are at the heart of any successful PPC strategy. We’ll scour through your keyword strategy to look for trends, patterns and relevance to make sure all your keywords match the search intent of your users to maximise their performance.

We’ll also unearth any irrelevant, low-quality keywords that are not returning your desired CPC, CTR or conversions to ensure you’re not paying for ads that don’t convert.

Ad Copy

Conversions only happen if the people who see your ads decide to click on them, so we’ll look at how the creative, voice, tone and messaging of your ad copy reflect your business and your offering and suggest any changes that might improve CTR.

Landing Pages

We’ll assess the design and strategy of your landing pages to make sure you’re sending any potential customers to relevant pages that will convince them to convert. These pages may exist outside of your PPC accounts but they are vital to your campaign’s performance so we’ll make sure they’re consistent with your ads, with compelling headlines and calls to action to make sure your new website visitors become customers.

Budget and Bid Strategy

A simple mistake in your bid strategy can end up being very costly. Yet it’s a complicated process and easily done wrong – even with automated bidding or third-party software. In fact, the most effective solution will depend on many things specific to your business. During your PPC audit, we will check your bid strategy against the scale, margins and sales of your business to make sure it’s being managed in the most efficient way possible.


How much does a PPC audit cost?

There is no fixed cost for a PPC audit as the price will be connected to many factors. The size of your PPC budget, the industry you’re in, the number of campaigns you’re running and the platforms you’re using will all have an impact.

Agencies often offer a free PPC audit that takes a superficial glance across a current campaign to spot any obvious issues. This is a sound starting point but it is never going to truly transform your PPC or deliver significant increases in conversions or savings.

A free audit is a snapshot – real insight can only be gained through a deeper dig into the way you’re working. This will cost more but deliver real results, streamlining your PPC strategy and campaigns so you see marked differences.

What are the benefits of a PPC audit?

A PPC audit will improve cost-effectiveness across your PPC by letting you identify what is working and what isn’t. It will identify where your budget is being wasted on platforms, keywords or ad campaigns that just aren’t speaking to your customers, but it will also help you spot if part of your campaign (such as your ad copy or landing page) is too weak but there is potential for growth.

A good audit will give all the information you need to make informed decisions about your PPC budget, so you can reveal the potential of this marketing channel.

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