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The Puzzle

KLG Rutland came to The Digital Maze in July 2022 looking to move agencies from their previous marketing agency. 

When we have a new client, we always take a step back and look at their business holistically before getting stuck into what we do best, digital transformation! 

We worked with KLG to see what their business goals were, and how we could work that into the marketing strategy to support their goals and company growth.

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The Vision

KLG had a goal to increase enquiry form submissions, build brand awareness, and continue to grow their market share. With these goals in mind we planned a strategy to utilise paid ads to drive more relevant traffic to the website and in turn decrease cost per form submission. We planned to combine this approach with a strong SEO strategy that supported their goals.

The Transformation

We implemented new display and search ads for Google, as well as search ads on Bing with a new budget. We also implemented Facebook Ads using a small budget, in order to be present on multiple platforms to build trust and brand awareness. 

Through this new PPC strategy, KLG saw:

  • An increase of 28% in their goal completions. 
  • 36% increase in their conversion rate. 
  • 19% reduction in their cost per goal completion. 

Before we began work on the SEO strategy, we completed an in depth SEO audit, and actioned where needed. We also work on the blog, where we optimise existing blogs and upload one new blog a month written and optimised by our inhouse team. You can see an example here, and here

After we implemented a new organic SEO strategy, these were the fantastic results: 

  • 22% increase in new users to the site 
  • 19% increase in sessions
  • We’ve also managed to maintain over 130 page 1 rankings for relevant keywords.

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