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694% Boost In Revenue For Elsons Tools


The Puzzle

When Elsons came to us their Google Ads was already set up but wasn’t optimised in any meaningful way. The client had tight margins, which meant they wanted to increase revenue while reaching a ROAS (return on ad spend) of around 3–5%.

With a large product range and a small budget, achieving their goals presented quite a challenge. Luckily, we had the right team and strategy in place.

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+694% increase in revenue
+439% increase in ROAS

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The Vision

In order to improve their results, the first thing we did was to ensure that products weren’t being shown in more than one campaign, using inventory filters. We then discussed with the client if there were any product ranges we could exclude due to poor margins, low stock, non-priority categories, and so on.

By focusing on key products we were able to identify those that were competitively priced, had good stock levels, and were a priority for the client. Once we were confident these changes were bedded in we switched to smart bidding, with a Target ROAS bidding strategy.

The Transformation

The client’s primary goal was to achieve a 20-33 ROAS, and once our changes had been implemented we achieved this goal every month for over 11 months, significantly exceeding it during peak seasons!

The best outcome of all was that revenue has followed the same trend as ROAS with an impressive improvement of nearly 700% for Q1 year on year! Our work for Elsons was so impressive it helped us gain silver in the UK Search Awards for Best Budget PPC Campaign.

UK Search Awards Finalist

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