Room 301: Season One – That’s a Wrap!

Posted on: January 3, 2024


Pete Bingham


Can you believe it? We’ve reached the end of season one in our digital marketing podcast, Room 301!

From discussing all the latest thoughts in digital marketing to exploring the future – we’ve loved every minute, chatting with our team of experts and our fantastic guests. Each episode was packed with fresh perspectives, actionable insights and relatable stories, taken from the entire spectrum of the digital marketing world.

So here’s a huge thank you to all the amazing support we’ve had from our listeners, and an even bigger thank you for all the energy, time and inspiring conversations we had with all our guests and everyone else involved. Stay tuned in 2024 for season two!

Until then, we’ve put together all the episodes, YouTube videos and transcripts in one place so you can catch up on any episodes you missed and revisit your favourite discussions.

And remember, if you fancy appearing in the next season of Room 301, get in touch!


016 – Showcasing The Commercial Impact of SEO

In our final episode of season one, Rob Twells chats to SEO expert Josh Allerton as he guides us through budgeting, experimenting and more, in the fascinating world of commercial SEO.

015 – The 4 Core Strategic Principles Behind Every Successful Marketing Campaign

Rob sits down with Clare Taylor of Apricus Marketing as she explains the four core strategic principles behind all of her marketing campaigns.

014 – Getting Stakeholders on Board as a Marketing Leader

In this episode, we join Ryan from from iMail Comms, to delve into the intricate world of stakeholder buy-in within digital marketing.

013 – Why Humanising Your Brand Could Be The Best Thing You Do

Rob Twells chats with Caroline Smith from Smudged, as they discuss all the important and compelling reasons for adding a more human side to your brand.

012 – Avoiding Unconscious Bias In Your Marketing Campaigns

In a very special episode of Room 301, we invite Billie Geena Hyde to help us uncover the right path to less-biased marketing campaigns.

011 – Managing a Shrinking Marketing Budget During Turbulent Times

Join us with our special guest, Kat Sale, Co-Founder of House of Performance as we explore the challenges and strategies involved in managing a smaller marketing budget.

010 – Leading a Team Through Marketing Sprints

Join Bee from Golf Breaks as she guides us through her process of leading teams through marketing sprints. From setting goals, keeping communication flowing, and the team motivated – see how it could work for your team.

009 – Unravelling The UX & SEO Connection

SEO and UX are interconnected; sharing a crucial relationship and common goals. In this episode, Pete, our Head of Creative Content, explains how these practices are more integrated than ever before.

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008 – AI & Web Dev, What’s Happening?

As AI begins to impact everything we do in the world of digital, we talk to Liam, Technical Director at TDM, to find out how this might affect web development – for better and for worse.

007 – SEO & The Rise Of AI

In episode seven, Rob sits down with Rudi from 20i to discuss the new wave of AI tools entering the digital marketing space and what they might change the future of SEO.

006 – Rebranding For Business Growth

In episode six, Rob chats with our Head of Web Design, James Walsh, to learn how (and why) we rebranded The Digital Maze in 2023.

005 – PPC Predictions For 2023

The Digital Maze’s Irina (Head of PPC) joins Rob to lay out her PPC predictions for 2024. Did we get them right? Listen to find out…

004 – Writing Copy That Ranks For SEO

Claire and Rebekah from TDM chat with Rob about the fine art of copywriting for SEO and how it forms a crucial part of any content marketing strategy.

003 – Creative Content & its Place in Your Marketing Strategy

In this creative episode we join TDM’s Amy (Head of Digital PR) & Pete (Head of Creative Content) to discuss the strategies and secrets behind any successful digital PR campaign.

002 – Web Design Psychology & How Can it Impact Revenues?

In episode two, we talk to TDM’s own Head of Web Design, James Walsh, on the psychology of design and how you can harness the power of design to increase your revenue.

001 – SEO & Keeping Up With Your Competitors

In episode one we join Rob, Wayne and Beth to explore the complex world of SEO. From understanding results and identifying key metrics, to attempting to settle the “in-house vs agency” debate once and for all…

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