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Supercharging Your Black Friday & Christmas Marketing

27th Jul 2023

This webinar has ended


Supercharging Your Black Friday & Christmas Marketing

That’s right, we said it. The C word. Christmas, for clarification. We know what you’re thinking, you’ve not even had your summer holiday yet, can’t Christmas and Black Friday wait until November, or at least until after spooky season?

The answer is unfortunately, no.

With the levels of competition in the digital space, it’s important that you’re planning ahead with your marketing strategies! We’re hosting a live, free webinar with Irina Holliday, Head of PPC at The Digital Maze to help you plan and execute holiday campaigns that have serious impact!

What we’ll cover:

  • How to create successful strategies for the approach of peak trading
  • Which channels to focus your marketing spend on
  • How to make the most of Black Friday without doing the same as your competitors
  • We’ll also host a live Q&A session with Rob and Irina

Who is it for?

This free webinar is ideal for marketing directors/managers leading a team, or marketing leaders responsible for the overall marketing function, however, everyone’s welcome, just hit the sign up button!
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Please note: This event has now ended

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The Speakers:

Rob Twells

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Rob is the Founder of an award winning digital agency (since forming a digital agency group The Digital Maze with Boom Online) specialising in SEO, PPC, CRO, digital strategy and web design. With over 10+ years in the marketing space, Rob has been involved with hundreds of marketing projects and campaigns with some of the best known brands.

Irina Holliday

Head of Paid Media

Irina Holliday is Head of PPC here at The Digital Maze. With over 16 years of PPC experience behind her, Irina joined the company in September 2022 as a senior PPC consultant, rapidly progressing to head of department. Irina is an expert in both paid search and paid social and is keen on growing and expanding her own knowledge as well as her team and her clients, moving towards more of a strategic and bigger picture way of approaching the business objectives.

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