Strategising for Seasonality in SEO

9th Feb 2023

This webinar has ended


It’s no secret that if your business relies on ecommerce that you’ll need to make sure you’re adjusting your SEO strategy to take into account seasonality.

In a cost of living crisis, it’s especially important for ecommerce businesses to really ensure that their SEO strategy is working its hardest all year round, but we know it can be easier said than implemented!

We’re helping marketing leaders like you uncover the mysteries behind seasonal marketing with a focus on SEO with our latest webinar! So join us and other marketing leaders for a free, live webinar that will help you make the most of your SEO efforts in 2023.

Who is it for?

This webinar is ideal for marketing directors/managers leading a team, or marketing leaders responsible for the overall marketing function, however, everyone’s welcome, just hit the sign up button!

What we’ll cover:

  • Why you need to be aware of seasonality and its impact on your SEO strategy
  • Using tools such as Semrush and how they can be best utilised
  • How the big brands handle seasonality and what we can learn from that

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Please note: This event has now ended

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The Speakers:

Rob Twells

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Rob is the Founder of an award winning digital agency (since forming a digital agency group The Digital Maze with Boom Online) specialising in SEO, PPC, CRO, digital strategy and web design. With over 10+ years in the marketing space, Rob has been involved with hundreds of marketing projects and campaigns with some of the best known brands.

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