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The Sano Physiotherapy team

The Puzzle

Sano Physiotherapy, a top provider of physiotherapy services for individuals, case handlers, employers, and the NHS, needed to combine three brands into one website after acquiring Occupational Health and Back In Action.

They wanted a unified site that showcased all three brands with a clean, attractive design, smooth user journey and an easy-to-update platform. In addition they also required a custom appointment booking feature with a map-based clinic finder.

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The Vision

Our approach began with a thorough UX discovery phase, involving stakeholder interviews, remote user surveys, persona building, and comprehensive UX research. These activities informed the design process, ensuring that the new website met user needs and business goals.

One particular challenge lay in merging three brands into one cohesive site whilst also maintaining the distinct identities of Sano Physiotherapy and Back In Action. This was achieved by creating separate sections and menus for each brand, providing a seamless, yet distinct, experience.

In addition, bringing three sites into one would require careful SEO management to ensure previous domains were redirected with expertise.

The Transformation

The result is a sleek, clean, and professional website that ticks all the boxes for Sano Physiotherapy. The new site seamlessly integrates the three brands, offering a user-friendly experience with clear navigation and strong calls to action.

Sano’s team can easily update the content without any technical hassle, and the new appointment booking feature, complete with a map-based clinic finder, makes it super easy for users to find local services.

Sano Physiotherapy are thrilled with their new online presence, happy with a website that showcases their services and strengths in the best possible light.

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