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A redesigned website for improved UX, seamless SaaS integration, and increased conversions.

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The Puzzle

Encodian, a leading provider of Microsoft products for businesses, needed a new website design to improve their user experience, simplify their messaging, and create a new focus on their product stats.

Key requirements of the project included a custom integration with their own SaaS platform for all website forms, and the ability to request demos for multiple services simultaneously.

Overall, Encodian needed a solution that would allow them to present extensive information about their services and products in a sleek, simplified way, ensuring potential customers could easily access and understand the details.

That’s where we came in!

Screengrab of some of encodians software
The new Encodian WordPress website on a laptop screen

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The Vision

Our approach to redesigning Encodian’s website focused on maximising their existing branding to help create a user-friendly interface for showcasing their products and services in a more effective and engaging way.

The user journey throughout the site and on each page was considered to provide the user with detailed information presented in an engaging, digestable and accessible format.

The design featured a sharp, professional look with strong, bold contrasts and a spacious layout to ensure clarity and scannability – combined with an easy-to-update content management system so Encodian’s team could update the site with confidence.

The Transformation

The end result is a website that not only met, but exceeded Encodian’s expectations – showcaseing their business with a transformation that is both bold and professional, as well as easy-to-update – helping to support them with their growth and future updates.

The new site is intuitive to navigate, with important information highlighted in a fresh, simplified format – making it easy for visitors to find information and make decisions sooner.

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